An early morning trek to Ghangad Fort

Ghangad is a short but exciting trek offering the thrill of trekking over difficult patches in portions and some heart trembling moments when you cling on to a thin wire of hope for support.
It great for training beginners. And the view is just splendid.

Duration : 30 mins - 40 mins

Why to choose this trek:

1) Great for only morning treks like Sinhagarh. It offers a mind view of two sides of the mountain .
2) Easy to reach. The route to Ghangad offers amazing landscapes from Tamini Ghat. So it's a bonus.
3) Don't need to plan ahead. Don't need to carry much stuff if you planning to return same day.
4) In rainy season, the waterfalls in the valley area are amazing. We plan to do it this rainy season.
5) Barely any crowd. We encountered no one. Absolute silence and just the wind blowing , animal sounds from the forest . It was just a trekker's dream come true.

Our Plan :

We started at 3:30 .
Climbed and reach back home by 12 AM .
It's an hour long journey . We went via Lonavala and came back by Tamini ghat. The roads are in good enough condition.  So no worries.

Ghangad Fort road
Road to the fort. The right side mountain is Ghangad fort.

Ghangad Fort Information boar
Information board 

Ghangad fort map
Map of the fort
Ghangad fort view sunrise
View of sunrise from the fort

Ghangad fort gate
The gate to the fort

The morning sun up from its sleep. Amazing view from Ghangad fort.
Panorama of the valley from Ghangad fort during sun rise
A huge fallen rock creating a cave. Best location for camping overnight.

View from inside the cave 
Our group 

At the gates

The landscape from the wall..This is shot of the valley behind the fort..Absolutely breath taking view.

Beside the water above..Me on the left..My friend Aditya on the right.
Panorama from the top of the hill..wide shot
On the top of the fort...amazing background

We walked towards the valley below...The view of the ghats from there are unbelievable.

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