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An early morning trek to Ghangad Fort

Ghangad is a short but exciting trek offering the thrill of trekking over difficult patches in portions and some heart trembling moments when you cling on to a thin wire of hope for support. It great for training beginners. And the view is just splendid. Duration : 30 mins - 40 mins Why to choose this trek: 1) Great for only morning treks like Sinhagarh. It offers a mind view of two sides of the mountain . 2) Easy to reach. The route to Ghangad offers amazing landscapes from Tamini Ghat. So it's a bonus. 3) Don't need to plan ahead. Don't need to carry much stuff if you planning to return same day. 4) In rainy season, the waterfalls in the valley area are amazing. We plan to do it this rainy season. 5) Barely any crowd. We encountered no one. Absolute silence and just the wind blowing , animal sounds from the forest . It was just a trekker's dream come true. Our Plan : We started at 3:30 . Climbed and reach back home by 12 AM . It's an hour long j

One day trip to Malshej Ghat

Maharashtra offers a host of choices when it comes to hills ,valleys and forts.  Activities like trekking or rappelling are most popular here.  Malshej is one of those places that will offer you its own specialty.  Rocky mountains, deep gorges,  Beautiful tunnels , roads snaking around.  Uncountable waterfalls. Dense forest and its habitat.  It's a power package for a day. One day escape from the daily hassles of life. Western Ghats for you ladies and gentlemen. How to reach: A road trip will be the best option. You don't want to miss the chance of stopping anywhere you want and click pictures or just stare in awe.  How to plan: Start at early morning 6 AM. Reach Malshej in 3 hrs. Straight away park at the MTDC. Have break fast at the restaurant inside. Stroll behind the hotel . There is a beautiful pathway made for tourists. Walk way around the MTDC  Find a good waterfall. Enjoy bathing in it. It's just awesome .

A week long vacation to Himachal

DEV BHOOMI | LAND OF GODS | ABODE OF SNOW Shimla City houses Himachal has many meanings. And true to its meaning, I believe, the snow clad mountains is where the God's live. Me and my wife made this 10 day trip from Jan 27th to Feb 5th 2017 starting from Delhi Airport . The Plan Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 Delhi Delhi to Shimla drive Shimla Shimla-Khufri Shimla to Manali Manali Dharamshala Dalhousie Amritsar Delhi The Execution We suggest you to start from Chandigarh . Reason being, it has a well-connected Airport, ISBT bus terminus and railway station. Average journey time between cities is 7 hrs. Plan for 2 days stay each at Manali, Shimla and Amritsar.  People starting from Delhi airport can catch a bus from airport itself (Indo Canadian was hell costly I admit...1800 Rs per head till Chandigarh) or from ISBT Kashmiri Gate (Book a HIMSUT

Kerala : How to plan for a lifetime's experience

Kovalam Beach I have been planning this for months and it finally came along in the best time. A full stretch Kerala trip with Kanyakumari as an added bonus. I will not tell you what to do, but HOW to do it. How to plan your dream Kerala Trip.  Caution : Mine was too comprehensive. Needs high energy and will be quite tiring.  I chose the monsoon theme..I wanted to be in the middle of the action. This is the only place in India which offers monsoon as a tourism opportunity. I was lucky. I expected super heavy rains. Instead. I ended up right in between the rainy season and summer which was Perfect . Advantages in travelling in mid August Rainfall almost over. Waterfalls at their fullest. Greenery all over the state. Backwaters, beach sides and rivers all very clean. Abundant coconuts to enjoy. Hotel rates brought down. Less crowd everywhere. Festive Preparation going on. Shopping becomes pocket friendly. Our route map: