One day trip to Malshej Ghat

Maharashtra offers a host of choices when it comes to hills ,valleys and forts.  Activities like trekking or rappelling are most popular here. 

Malshej is one of those places that will offer you its own specialty. 

  • Rocky mountains, deep gorges, 
  • Beautiful tunnels , roads snaking around. 
  • Uncountable waterfalls.
  • Dense forest and its habitat. 

It's a power package for a day. One day escape from the daily hassles of life. Western Ghats for you ladies and gentlemen.

How to reach:

A road trip will be the best option. You don't want to miss the chance of stopping anywhere you want and click pictures or just stare in awe. 

How to plan:

  1. Start at early morning 6 AM.
  2. Reach Malshej in 3 hrs.
  3. Straight away park at the MTDC.
  4. Have break fast at the restaurant inside.
  5. Stroll behind the hotel . There is a beautiful pathway made for tourists.

Walk way around the MTDC 

Find a good waterfall. Enjoy bathing in it. It's just awesome .

 Return home before night.

Best time to go:

Rainy season. June - August


Before you plan, check latest news about the place. It gets closed for days due to erratic landslides and various other natural disasters frequenting the area.

What to carry:

1) Camera with rain pouch.
2) Lots of water.
3) Change of clothes
4) Towels.
5) Food etc.


Don't plan staying . Its extremely costly during peak months (Min 4000-5000 Rs). At night , you can barely see or venture outside your hotel. A window facing room is of no good at such weather.

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